Au Pairs Got Talent!

LC: Sabrina from New York

“Au Pair Got Talent” brought together New York’s talented and diverse community of au pairs! This one-of-a-kind show celebrated the incredible skills, talents, and creativity of our au pairs from around the world who have chosen New York as their home away from home. From the bustling streets of Manhattan to the vibrant neighborhoods of Brooklyn, au pairs brought their unique backgrounds, experiences, and artistic talents to the stage.

From culturally inspired dance routines to soul-stirring musical performances, poetry, and even stand-up comedy acts the “Au Pair Got Talent” show was a captivating showcase of the hidden talents and extraordinary abilities of these amazing individuals. It was a great opportunity for au pairs to share their passions, connect with their peers, and leave their mark on the city that never sleeps!

🥇 Gvantsa from Georgia

I want to thank Agent Au Pair for their support and also my best local coordinator Sabrina because she knows how to create amazing moments for us. This event was really special, unique, and organized. I chose to perform our Georgian national dance which is very dear to me. This is the first time I ever won a trophy in the USA and I was so happy that I could represent my country in this talent show. As an au Pair, I wish for more events like this one because it helps au pairs create exciting memories and build closer bonds! 

Elif from Turkey

Au Pair Got Talent was my favorite event of the year! So much fun! I am usually a very quiet and reserved person  but as soon as I got on stage I felt so inspired and sang my heart out! Will always remember this incredible experience our LC Sabrina hosted for us. Thank you Agent Au Pair for sponsoring these incredible events for us!