———   Au Pairs  ———

I am filled with courage and made the decision to fulfill my dream of traveling and meeting many beautiful places, I hope life continues to give me many opportunities and I can always travel. Thank you Agent Au Pair, this would not be possible without you who always supported me. And obviously thanks to my Host Parents for choosing me and opening the doors of their house for me. You guys are great and you have a beautiful family that I am blessed to be a part of, I love you so much!
Au Pair
I am grateful to have been part of such a wonderfully engaging program. During this year I changed mentally, became stronger, more confident and wiser. It was an unbelievable experience for me, despite the difficulties I got positive emotions most of all. Incredible emotions. My dream came true, so many good things happened to me in one year that I did not have all my life. Thank you very much for this opportunity to get acquainted with America, a completely different culture, I fell in love with this country. There are no words to express my gratitude. For your support, patience, creativity, caring. I am sure very participant feels happy in spite of the difficulties. Believe me you make us happier. I wish your agency many happy au pairs!
Au Pair
This comes from the moment you get home, how you are treated and how we are au pair behaving with them. I really fell in love with the family since we made the video call, they are a very united family and because of my way of being and developing with those I think we fit very well. I like to share time with them after my hours of work. I feel very pretty when they invite me to their activities as a family because that means that they like my work, since we are a connection between them and the children.
Au Pair

———   Host Families   ———

She brings honesty, authenticity, and caring for others. She speaks to our children in a way that they adore, never talking down to them but simply getting on their level and helping them understand the reasons behind decisions that have been made.
Grobelyn Family
Host Family
Lupita is a natural extension of our family! She joins us on our family outings to the beach, shopping and walks. We love cooking and dining together while listening to music on the weekends. She has even become a fan of our favorite football team! She is always there by our side cheering on our team, dressed in her finest fan gear!
Defay Family
Host Family
Dana shares our values around mutual respect, sharing and caring. She brings creativity, curiosity and optimism to our family and gained our complete trust in a few months after starting. Dana is an excellent role model for our younger daughter.
Ghosh Family
Host Family

———   Local Coordinators   ———

We chose Agent Au Pair because we value how much thought and planning the agency puts into the match between host families and au pair, particularly through the Household Guide. We also value the resources available when/if we run into issues or have questions.
Samantha from FL
Host & Local Coordinator