Laura’s Au Pair Experience

At the beginning, I did the au pair program to improve my English and to meet famous places in the USA. I wanted a family that made me feel comfortable and that showed me about American culture. This family is all you expect in a good host family. I have no words to express how happy the Motes family makes me. They treat me as another member of their family and they always include me in the family activities. My host kids make me so happy and I enjoy playing with them all day long. 

Back in summer my host family invited me for strawberry picking and we carved pumpkins together in fall. Every year they take family pictures and include me as part of it. Also at Christmas time they bought for all the family matching pajamas and it was fun to experience how they celebrate these kinds of holidays. They are open to share with me their culture and vice versa. 

They have a big impact in my life and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet them and I can not wait to make new memories together. Honestly I would be typing for an entire day describing how amazing this family is, I feel they truly understand what is a cultural exchange. 

I am glad I decided to make the program because I was able to make new friends from different places of the world and I have met different new places in the USA thanks to my host family. My favorite memory with my host family was in Thanksgiving. It was my first time experiencing this celebration and it was in my birthday too, there was a lot of food and when we were at the table we had to say something that we were thankful for and then it was the turn of my 4 year old host kid he said that he was thankful that he could play with me every day, that was the most beautiful gift. My host family welcomed my friends au pairs and we ate all kinds of pies and cheeses with cranberry sauce for dessert.