Sharing Culture & Making Malva Pudding

March was such a fun time and yet a blur. I can say I was definitely winded after last month. I was well into the third trimester and waddling tends to be my best mode of transportation. We celebrated my father’s, my daughter Alina’s, and my birthday in the span of 2 weeks. Whew! There was a lot of planning in such a short time, and Nasrin loved every minute of it!
We truly love family dynamic we have formed. Natalia, one of our interim au pairs, came down from Chicago to help celebrate my me and my daughter’s birthdays. Nasrin, Natalia, and Joshua surprised us with gifts and a relaxing weekend. In turn, Josh and I introduced Nasrin and Natalia to tea time in Northern Maryland and Colombian food for dinner. Nasrin has formed an unbreakable bond with Liliya and Alina, with Alina considering her best friend. They both have become inseparable. It really makes your heart melt when Alina and Liliya go around the room randomly saying they love us, individually. Nasrin also wanted to host a slumber party with the girls where they watched Frozen II.
Nasrin has introduced us to malva pudding, and let me tell you, it’s amazing! Here is the quick recipe in case you want to try this cross between bread pudding and caramel flan dessert: Sorry y’all, Nasrin did not want to give up her family’s recipe. Nasrin has also taught Alina an Afrikaans word for a type of marker/pen, called Koki. Alina is also in the process of learning a nursery rhyme in Afrikaans.
With April approaching, and the end of my time being pregnant, everyone is in full baby preparation mode. We are setting up baby Nadiya’s (we changed her name last minute) nursery and getting all of the bottles and clothing together. Hopefully, baby Nadiya can make her debut in next month’s blog. Stay tuned!