Spread Your Wings With Agent Au Pair

It is easy to focus on the child care component of the au pair program. However, let’s not forget the young adults who travel across the world, leaving their friends and family behind to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. 

Participating in the au pair program as an exchange visitor is an opportunity to develop new life skills, improve English language and have an enriching cultural exchange experience. 

As young adults, ages 18-27, au pairs are traveling the world on a journey of personal growth. One of the most gratifying parts of the program is watching these young people spread their wings into adulthood with a new, global perspective that will guide them throughout their lives. 

Neydi and Pame from Bolivia, Elina and Jimena from Argentina, and Yamileth from Mexico share their own metamorphosis and process of transformation with their LC, Amanda in California. 

Reflect on your program goals and why you decided to become an au pair. 

Reflection for Au Pairs

How have you transformed during your au pair program so far? Have you learned anything new about yourself since you joined the program? What is one thing you can do this month to work toward your program goals?

Reflection for Families

How does hosting an exchange visitor transform your household? How does exposure to new languages and cultures influence the “metamorphosis” and stages of development of your children? What is one thing you can do this month to help your au pair work towards their program goals?

Reflection for Local Coordinators

How have you transformed in your role as a mentor and global expert in your community. What are you able to learn about yourself through interactions with au pairs and families? Do you share any aspirations with the au pairs in your cluster that you can explore together in the coming months?