5 Tips for Bringing Your Au Pair on Vacation

1. Plan Ahead

Work together to talk about where you all want to go and what you want to do! Try to find common things you can do as a family.

2. Host Parents – Take a night to yourselves!

Talk with your Au Pair about planning a night out for yourselves! It’s amazing to take time away for each other too

3. Provide your Au Pair time to Explore 

Make sure your Au Pair has a night off to explore, or plan for one parent to take them out for an activity while the other parent has the children! This can be a great bonding activity for au pair’s and hosts!

4. Provide your Au Pair a schedule!

It can be tempting to throw the schedule out the window when on Vacation, but it’s important to designate Family Time vs. Work Time. Au Pairs need to know when they are “on” and when they are hanging out as a member of the family and don’t need to step in to take care of the kids. Don’t expect your au pair to jump in and help all of the time. Be respectful of their down time and make sure they are taking breaks away from the kids so that they do not burn out on your vacation!

5. Be Flexible

Au Pairs and Host Families BOTH need to be flexible. Remember that plans may change while on vacation and things may need to adjust a little as you go.

If you follow these tips we know you will have an amazing vacation together!