Art Lessons at the Art School of Columbia County

LC: Andrea from New York

Our group of au pairs met at the Art School of Columbia County for snacks, socialization, and an art lesson. The art instructor guides us through an activity in which we made a book of our own landscapes, done with paint, drawing, or pastels.
This was the first time these four Au Pairs met in person, which was so exciting to watch and be a part of! There was constant conversation about so many aspects of their lives and experiences. They seemed enthusiastic about meeting up together outside of monthly meetings. Our gathering ended on an upbeat note when Beverly gave each of us homemade Valentines cards.

Au Pair Testimonials:

What I liked the most was meeting them in person and being able to share a pleasant time, we had fun, we laughed and the activity was also very fun, art is the best way to express ourselves. It was interesting to meet people from Nicaragua and Spain!”

– Daniela from Colombia