Creating a link between two different cultures & languages

My name is Ale Luna, I am Mexican and I’m 26 years old. I started my program 2 years ago! My experience with Agent Au Pair has been incredible, I have always had attention and response from them ( special thanks to my LCC Carly and Vanessa, Franzi, Jodi and Eloísa)

Both years I have stayed with the same family and it has been a unique experience. Lucy, Annie, Leo and Mary Hayes have been in charge of making my stay fun and noisy. I never thought I could take care of 4 children at the same time but now I can’t imagine a better experience than this. 💓  Thank you my host family for trusting me to take care of your children 🫶🏻 love y’all !!!

My goal was to learn from them and they ended up learning from me. We share birthdays, American and Mexican holidays (the day of the dead and Halloween being the most significant for both of us) we cry, laugh and have many moments together. Now that I am finishing this program, I know that I have not only come to share, but also to create a link between two different cultures and languages. 🫶🏻J