Fun Fall Activities to try with your host kids!

Are you looking for activities to do with your host children this fall? We know that keeping your host children busy during the summer months can be tough, here are some activities that you can try!

  • Go Apple picking
  • Make Applesauce
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Make hand print leaves
  • Decorate for Halloween
  • Paint Pumpkins
  • Create leaf rubbings
  • Toast pumpkin seeds
  • Bake cookies
  • Pick Pumpkins
  • Play in the leaves
  • Make it through a corn maze
  • Make caramel apples
  • Have a outdoor fire
  • Make s’mores
  • Bake pumpkin muffins
  • Read books about Halloween
  • Make a blanket fort
  • Bake a pie
  • Make a leaf collage
  • Create a handprint turkey
  • Drive to view colorful foliage
  • Make personalized place mats for Thanksgiving dinner
  • Visit a fair
  • Jump in leaf piles
  • Go to a local football game
  • Bake apple crisp
  • Decorate your Trick-or treat bags
  • Pick out your costume
  • Go trick-or-treating
  • Find stories to read about the origin of Thanksgiving
  • Make popcorn balls
  • Build a scarecrow
  • Decorate the house for Thanksgiving
  • Take a hayride
  • Decorate Pumpkins
  • Drink hot chocolate
  • Bob for apples

Want to check off how many activities you can do this summer?
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Looking for ways to schedule “fun time”. Click here for a calendar template. You can make a copy of the calendar and edit it to fit your schedule!
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Click here for a blank schedule!

Click here to see the schedule! (School-age Children)
Click here for a blank schedule! (School-age Children)

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