2024 Host Family of the Year

🥈 The Miller Family

I met my host family two years ago, we couldn’t match in that moment for visa appointment issues but we stayed in contact because of the chemistry we felt since the first interview.

We didn’t imagine we would have the chance to match one year after that, for my extension year, and I just can say it’s the best thing ever happened to me during my participation in the Au Pair program.

My host parents make me feel part of the family, even when kids are not around, we hang out together and play board games while talking, I can’t honestly ask for better host parents that treat me like a friend, a family member, like a bigger sister for their kids, but also give me privacy and encourage me to keep exploring and making friends in my free time. I also love each of my 4 crazy boys, they have been giving me so much fun and love, that I really can’t ask for more.

I got into the program looking for a cultural change experience, and I got more that I ever imagined. My second year is almost over, but I know I have a family here with them forever. I will truly miss each of them. We’re not the perfect family, we’re very crazy and loud, but everyday is a learning, an adventure, and a day with love.

I’m so thankful with God in first place for putting me with them in the right time, for letting me know each of them and allow me to learn and grow along together. Second, I’m truly thankful with my host parents for choosing me as their Au Pair and making me feel like a member of their family. And last, I will always be thankful for my host kids, which, with all highs and lows, have taught me so much and shared every moment with me, and have made me feel very loved. I will never forget this experience thanks to all of them.

I don’t have enough words to describe how grateful I feel for the Miller Family. They’re definitely a family that is going to let you have the best experience as Au Pair.