Introducing our Hybrid Monthly Meeting Model for 2023

We’re bringing back In-Person Support!!!

Agent Au Pair is excited to announce that we will be bringing back in-person au pair meetings with a new hybrid au pair monthly meeting model starting in January 2023! 

New Hybrid Au Pair Monthly Meeting Model

Prior to the pandemic, Au Pairs met with their Local Coordinators in a group setting in the community each month as a program requirement. Covid put a temporary halt on this programming and we are ready to roll out a new hybrid monthly meeting model for Au Pairs that combines both community integration and convenience! Au Pairs will participate in a combination of in-person and virtual meetings to fulfill their monthly meeting requirement with their Local Coordinator.

Virtual Development 

Agent Au Pair will equip Local Coordinators with Au Pair development presentations that foster professional and personal development. Topics include host family relationships, self-advocacy, English language, culture shock and homesickness, child development, positive parenting, and more. 

Community Activities 

Local Coordinators will also plan engaging quarterly activities for Au Pairs in the community that focus on core themes such as recreation, self-care, local tourism, culture, American history, art, music, community and volunteerism. Agent Au Pair provides an activity budget to offset or cover the costs of in-person activities. Local Coordinators provide 30-days advance notice so Hosts can make alternative child care plans as needed. Hosts provide time off and transportation to/from quarterly activities. Placements supported by an LC more than a one-hour drive away will be offered a virtual activity option.