Ice Skating & Exploring Indianapolis

LC: Hilary from Indianapolis

We went ice skating at the local rink here in Indianapolis, and it was the first time ice skating for most of the au pairs!

After skating, we went out for a slice of pizza and toured a historic cemetery in Indianapolis. We also went to the giant international grocery store so they could buy some familiar treats if they wanted! After exploring the city, we went back to my house where one of the au pairs made us all Mexican hot chocolate.

Au Pair Testimonials:

It was a beautiful day and it was nice to finally meet everyone in person 🥰. My favourite part was being all together and talking in your kitchen while Melissa made hot chocolate.

– Paola

My favorite part was when we go to the ice staking because was my first time and was so fun 🤩

– Analia

My favourite part was ice skating and gathering for hot chocolate in Hillary’s house. I really enjoyed that day ❤️

– Aruzhan