Ice Skating on Evergreen Lake

LC: Nayadira from Colorado

We went ice skating on Evergreen Lake. Evergreen Lake is the largest Zamboni-maintained outdoor ice rink in North America with 8.5 acres of groomed ice. It offers both day and night skating.
The girls loved it, they took many Instagram photos. They would come off the ice to rehydrate and then come back on again. They laughed, talked, and really had a good time. The weather was wonderful, at 50 degrees we could not complain. The sun was shining, and the ice was a pleasure to experience. Many of the girls have never been on a frozen lake before to ice skate, some have never been ice skating at all, and others have only ever roller bladed. It really was an exceptional experience for us all.
We then walked around the lake on the trails to get into town for lunch. The girls explored the mountain town shops. For lunch, we had pizza at Beaujo’s which specializes in Colorado-mountain styled pizza which means that the crust is made differently than other pizza options and it is intended to be dipped in honey.