It takes a Village

May, hands down was the hardest month for all of us (at least so far). Adjusting to a newborn while trying to handle two rambunctious little girls is a lot. It takes a village! However, Nasrin (again) did a phenomenal job keeping the girls busy and away from their fragile little sister. She hosted another movie night with the girls. This time they watched Luca. Liliya and Alina are still watching Luca daily. She also hosted a spa day with the girls. Everyone had their nails and toes painted. I was so impressed with Nasrin’s ability to keep the girls preoccupied now that Liliya is out of school for the summer and baby Nadiya is taking up more of me and Josh’s time.

Josh and I were and still are having continuous sleepless nights because of baby Nadiya, but we are still so overjoyed with having her. She is the spitting image of her father, everyone says so. I returned to work full-time after two-week maternity leave and boy do I wish we had better maternity and parental leave, but I digress. Nasrin was telling me in South Africa company benefits surrounding parental leave is better than what she has seen here. We all manage somehow though.

In June, we all are hoping to venture out at least some, but due to the skyrocketing gas prices, we will have to see. I guess it will be a lot of trips to my parents’ pool and locally venturing through the town. In any case, this month will be a short post…. Not enough sleep to think of more clever things to say.

Well, until next month….