July Featured Monthly Meeting

Local Reps: Carly

This month we had a large group, combining the midwest au pairs and au pairs from many western states. We had 2 brand new au pairs who just arrived in the last few weeks, so it was fun to welcome them to the group.

This month we all shared fun facts or stories about ourselves. Many au pairs shared funny stories about acclimating to life in the US and experiencing misunderstandings due to language barriers.

One shared a story about asking her host mom for watermelon, but her host mom thought she was asking for “time alone”. Both women were very confused for a bit but laugh about it now!

We also reviewed appropriate and inappropriate tasks for au pairs.

"I liked how we all shared a fun fact about ourselves, we definitely laughed a lot with all the funny stories we had to tell. Also I loved how during the meeting we went through all the program guidelines just as a reminder in case anyone had questions about their duties as an au pair".