New Orleans is my Second Home

New Orleans is beautiful because nothing fits, so everything fits.

My name is Julieta, from Argentina, and I have been living in the city of jazz and partying for more than a year taking care of two little girls who I think of as my baby sisters. I have come to love the uniqueness of the city. The only thing I knew about this place before coming was what I had seen in the Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog” and it didn’t do it justice. This city really doesn’t resemble any other in the USA. In this place you live a party, every weekend something is celebrated: its biggest celebration is Mardi Gras and it is amazing how people commit to having a good time and giving their best.

Besides, the people are also very special, attentive and kind. I have adopted some of their expressions to speak and when I travel out of state they usually tell me that they recognize that “I am” from Louisiana for just answering “yes ma’am”. Now I can say that I have known the best and the worst (hurricane season) of New Orleans and I do not regret my experiences, it’s my second home.

     – Julieta