The Best Choice In My Life

Hi! My name is Selin. I’m from turkey. I’m currently living in Pennsylvania.

It has been 10 months here. Au pairing was the best choice in my life. I don’t see any other better choices to spend your 20’s in USA. I found the best kids, I feel more than family to them. I love my host family. I hope everyone can find a family that much family to them like my family. When somebody asks me “how don’t you feel lonely? You have no relatives there.” I always says I’m not I have my host family, my friends. I found a friendship that I never couldn’t find in my life in my native language.

We improve our language together, we survived together here. I have no regrets about this program and if you are thinking that you want a become an au pair, never let anything to stop you! This is going to be your best choice in your life!

Also thank you agent au pair for all your support in my au pair experience!