Adjusting for the Warmer Months

It has been about 6 months since the arrival of our “bro” pair and time has just flown by! We recently switched from a winter schedule to a spring schedule which meant that we now had our au pair scheduled to work on the weekends as the days got warmer. All scheduling follows scheduling guideline such has having 1.5 consecutive days off and one full weekend off per month. Schedule changes are an important discussion to have with your au pair, and it is always appreciated when they have at least 2 weeks’ notice before a new schedule kicks in. Our weekend activities now include going to the park, play dates and even mommy-daddy time where we can attend a brunch with our friends. We recently had a brunch party at our home and were able to host it well since our au pair was completely in charge of our kids.

Its also a great time for your au pair to be able to explore the country more, as there are a number of long weekends approaching. It is a good ides to turn to the resources on our website which lists attractions and activities to do according to state, there are so many things we ourselves have not tried yet!

As the kids have now thoroughly gotten used to having ‘big brother’ with them, it really does give us as parents time to sit back and unwind, which is such an important thing to have for our mental and physical health.

We are looking forward to all the hot summer days to come and the adventures we have planned together!

See you next time!