Preparing for Baby Nadiya

Hello again, April was such a hectic month for all of us at the Jarmon-Williamson household. In preparation for baby Nadiya’s arrival, we all were trying to nest and have this entire house cleaned from top to bottom. Nasrin helped a lot with arranging the baby bottles, managing the bassinet, and tidying up the general area’s baby Nadiya will frequent.

Nasrin also helped prepare my oldest daughters for the arrival of their baby sister. Like, making sure they got her name down. She was no longer Mila and now Nadiya. Who knew how difficult it would be to retrain someone’s mind over the name of an individual? Yikes! Aside from that, Nasrin continued to help both girls learn to write letters and learn about different animals. Alina continued to build blocks like a pro architect with Nasrin being her supervisor.

Josh taught Liliya and Alina fun science experiments which they absolutely enjoyed. Josh also allowed the girls to prepare Nadiya’s sleeping area by laying out her bedding and laying out changes of clothes.

As for me, I stayed super uncomfortably pregnant with feet swollen like large puff balloons waiting to burst. However, I am lucky to say I never got preeclampsia, but I was so scared I was about to. Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how someone sees it) baby Nadiya made her debut after an emergency c-section on the 27th of April. Despite, all of the fears and pain I had to endure, I am so happy to have her here. Josh, Nasrin, and the girls are elated to have her as well. The first couple of nights with her were rough, and continue to be, but slowly everyone is adjusting. As they say, every newborn is different.

Let’s hope for a more restful sleep next month…..