Advice I Gave Myself Before Becoming An Au Pair

Hello World! My name is Irina and I have been working as an Au Pair for 1 month now in Minnesota!

I work with a newborn baby and have a wonderful host family! In my spare time, I attend gym, learn English, walk around the neighborhood and talk to friends. This new job and new life makes me truly very happy! My next year with my host family and sponsor will help me acquire new cultural skills, learn and practice English, and open up space for new people and events.

Here’s what I said to myself six months ago: …hey, your life is what’s going on today. Now. Right here. Before you know it, it’ll pass. Don’t be afraid to make plans, choose goals, and pursue them. Don’t be afraid to try and be wrong. Be yourself and follow your dreams! I believe that you will succeed! Hug!