Leaving My Comfort Zone

I’ve been in Washington for a little over two months, and sometimes when I wake up I still can’t believe I’m in another country. It is strange to be away from home, to leave my life, family, friends, favorite places, food, everything… It is even more strange to leave the comfort zone and make the decision to live somewhere unknown. But in my experience it was one of the best decisions I have made.

I feel more grateful to life than I already was. I thank God to be able to live this beautiful adventure of being an Au Pair with beautiful people who welcomed me into their home to make me part of them. Every day I love my Host Family more and Mukilteo, which surprises me with its beautiful landscapes and mountains. My Au Pair experience is just beginning and I know that many more things await me, but this helps me to confirm that the comfort zone is not as comfortable as I thought.