Au Pair of the Year

🥇 Fabiana from Italy

Since starting with our family in the cold wintry Chicago last January, Fabiana has consistently demonstrated exemplary childcare skills and an unwavering commitment to our two-year-old son’s well-being and development. She has been an amazing addition to our family. Her attitude and the work ethic she exudes every day have made her an essential asset not only for our son, but our entire family. The incorporation of her Italian heritage and language into our son’s daily routine has also provided him with a unique cultural exposure. We have shared and continue to share in Fabiana’s culinary, holiday, and family traditions that allow our son to really experience a piece of Italian culture, something that we would not be able to accomplish without Fabiana’s desire to expand all our horizons. In September, Fabiana and our family traveled to her home city of Genova to share in some of her family traditions ourselves. She also shared her free time while on our trip to take us to some of her favorite places.

🥈 Makhabbat from Kazakhstan

We had our first interview and she won our heart, second interview lasted for over 2 hours, we just couldn’t get enough of talking to her. After her arrival,she quickly became a big part of our family and a life long friend. She has quickly gained the trust and love of our 5 and 3 year old boys. They absolutely adore her and call her “ My Best Friend”. Max is very patient , kind and caring with our boys. She encourages them to speak Russian, which is a very important thing for the host mom, and is also not a very easy thing to do, as they prefer to speak English; however she manages to speak Russian to them.

🥉Caroline from Peru

Caroline, “Carito” to us, is not just a caregiver; she is an integral part of our family, embodying qualities that make her stand out as Au Pair of the Year. Her dedication to our children’s well-being and holistic development creates an environment where curiosity, cultural understanding, and personal growth flourish. Carito’s impact cannot be overstated. She is flexible and approaches her duties with seriousness and grace, especially considering our family’s dynamic lifestyle as small business owners, and as a ranching and farming family.