2024 Au Pair of the Year

🥇 Fabiana from Italy ​

We are writing to nominate Fabiana Cerosillo for the Au Pair of the Year Award. Since starting with our family in the cold wintry Chicago last January, Fabiana has consistently demonstrated exemplary childcare skills and an unwavering commitment to our two-year-old son’s well-being and development. She has been an amazing addition to our family.

Her attitude and the work ethic she exudes every day have made her an essential asset not only for our son, but our entire family. Fabiana’s approach transcends conventional childcare, as she seamlessly integrates educational and cultural components into her daily interactions with our son while making his care enjoyable and fun. Her efforts have not only fostered a nurturing environment but have also contributed significantly to his developmental milestones. He has shown rapid and continuous growth in his speaking and listening skills in not only English but in Italian as well. He can count to 15 and name all colors in both languages, as well as name and repeat almost all the letters in both alphabets.

The incorporation of her Italian heritage and language into our son’s daily routine has also provided him with a unique cultural exposure. We have shared and continue to share in Fabiana’s culinary, holiday, and family traditions that allow our son to really experience a piece of Italian culture, something that we would not be able to accomplish without Fabiana’s desire to expand all our horizons. In September, Fabiana and our family traveled to her home city of Genova to share in some of her family traditions ourselves. She also shared her free time while on our trip to take us to some of her favorite places. We toured the Aquarium in Genova, ate at one of her favorite pizza restaurants, and toured the churches and architecture around the city. This cultural enrichment adds an invaluable layer to Fabiana’s caregiving, making her contributions truly exceptional.

Our family dynamics and needs have required a lot of flexibility and adaptability from Fabiana as we’ve had to travel and be on-the-go in multiple time zones frequently and she has risen above and beyond at each instance. She is a force of calm and competence in times that would normally be stressful as we navigate flights, airports and more with an active, opinionated toddler. We all depend on her level-headedness to get us through each trip and she excels at making sure we’re all taken care of, while also taking the most advantage of our situation with research and ideas for things to do in each location that we travel to. She is always ready for an adventure and her positivity is infectious.

Fabiana’s ability to navigate various challenges with grace and resourcefulness further underscores her professionalism. Her dedication has rendered her an integral member of our family, extending beyond the conventional scope of an au pair. Fabiana is not only an exceptional Au Pair, but we have developed a relationship that will last a life time. In light of Fabiana’s outstanding performance and genuine commitment to our family, we wholeheartedly recommend her for the Au Pair of the Year Award. Her contributions have not only left a lasting mark on our lives but also exemplify the qualities befitting this prestigious recognition.