Monthly Meeting: Yoga!

For our February meeting, the Indianapolis au pair cluster went to Lifetime Fitness gym to do a yoga class. This gym offers free day passes to local residents so you can go work out, do a fitness class, or even check out the pool and sauna. You can actually get a free pass every 60 days, so we might need to go back again in the future! This time we decided to do a yoga class so we could relax and stretch our muscles. The class was great- a perfect choice for us beginners! After class we got coffee and a snack so we could chat more. It was a great morning!

“It was my first yoga class ever! I liked the stretching and was able to relax. I’m more of a moving, energetic person so it was a little long for me to stay still, but I liked the feeling it brings afterwards” -Elsa, France.

Au pairs in attendance: Elsa (France), Isabel (Mexico), Andrea (Mexico)