Showing yourself what you’re capable of – and sharing that with others

Hello! I’m Ophelie and I have been a Local Representative with Agent Au Pair for a few months now.

Becoming Part of the Family

I was an Au Pair for 2 years with the same family and let me tell you, it was the best experience of my life! I loved my boys. I was able to travel a lot, discovered American culture, and meet people from all around the world. Most importantly, I got to truly know myself, get more confident, and get out of my comfort zone. The Au Pair experience is not only about travel and childcare, it open your mind and show you what you are capable of.

At first I planned to stay only one year, but loved the family so much that I decided to extend another year. Even after 2 years, at the end of my contract, I was still considered as a family member.

Why I chose to become a Local Rep

During my second year, I met my now husband. I had to go back home for a year to get my visa and come back to the US. As soon as I got my work permit, I knew I wanted to work for an Au Pair agency and be able to help people to get a great experience and be there when needed.

When I was myself an Au Pair, my Local Representative wasn’t truly there for me (I was with an other agency) and I wanted to change that. Leaving everything you know for a whole new country, new culture and live with a family you don’t know can be overwhelming at first and it is important not to be alone. I wanted also to make monthly meeting fun and show a part of the American culture each time, get the most of this experience for the Au Pairs!

I chose to work for this agency because they truly care about the host families and Au Pairs and want to make sure they will all have a great experience together. The agency also showed me they’re here to support their employees too, and it is very important to me. When I got hired by Agent Au Pair, I was so happy to become a Local Representative and be a part of this amazing team. I am truly very happy with my choice of becoming a Local Representative and will hope to keep helping people living this amazing exchange experience and maybe inspire some of them to give it a try.