Featured Monthly Meeting

Local Reps: Radhika & Roger

In our first meeting, me and Roger started off the meeting introducing ourselves, how long we have been with Agent Au Pair, and where we are located. We gave a general introduction of the program and encouraged a warm open environment with everyone feeling comfortable to ask for assistance in their Au Pair journey.

The main activity and general purpose of this meeting was to introduce everyone in the group to each other and get to know each other better. We made a list of questions to ask the Au Pairs: such as which home country they are from, what city they are current living in, how long they have been in the program, a fun fact about themselves, what differences they have noticed in the US vs their home countries, as well as their birthdays and which holidays they celebrate throughout the year. We ended the meeting by also answering these questions ourselves, and going over the Side-Walk Challenge.

"My experience in my first meeting was awesome and I felt I had a good time here, and me and a few Au Pairs that have the same experience like me, I cannot wait for the second meeting we have together!"