Virtual Au Pair School

Agent Au Pair Training School will continue to be Virtual through the end of 2021. Don’t worry though! Even though we are virtual we are still spending three fun filled days together.  Throughout the three days of Au Pair Training School au pairs will have an opportunity to meet others who are also beginning their program year and partake in a custom program designed to educate au pairs on child development and safety and to ensure they have an understanding of the great responsibility that comes with being an au pair for an American family. 

There are a few changes to Au Pair School since we are virtual:

  • Au pairs should have access to a laptop or desktop computer in order to participate in Au Pair School.
  • They should also have access to a desk or table in a quiet space where they can work uninterrupted throughout the day.
  • Au Pairs will receive a welcome package that should arrive at their host family’s home prior to the start of Au Pair School.
  • In the evenings host families and au pairs should talk about how the day went and review any questions and concerns with each other.

I look forward to seeing you in Au Pair School!
~ Brittany Motes Au Pair School Instructor