Our Matching Process

Once you complete your basic application information on aupair.com, you will be able to start viewing our available au pairs. Each au pair candidate has a profile that includes background information, childcare experience and references, photos, and a letter to host families. In our matching system you have the ability to search profiles according to your family’s criteria.

Once your application is submitted, you have the ability to submit addition application materials to your application.

Our Au Pairs

Agent Au Pair holds our au pairs to the highest standards. Our au pairs have at least 500 hours of childcare experience and go through a rigorous admissions process that requires the au pairs to complete a comprehensive background screening to be accepted into our program.

An Agent Au Pair representative interviews each of our au pair candidates in person. All au pairs:

  • Must pass a psychometric test
  • Submit a detailed background check 
  • Provide a verifiable history of childcare experience, skills, and training
  • Submit documents:
    • 2 non-family childcare references,
    • a character reference
    • physician’s report
    • proof of completion of secondary school
    • a letter explaining why they want to be an au pair.

Our screening process is set up to ensure that only the most mature, responsible, and caring individuals are accepted into the program.

All au pairs must meet the following requirements mandated by the U.S. Department of State in addition to our Agency’s screening:

  • Able to speak and write conversational English
  • Agree to having a background check performed
  • Are willing to commit to 12 months in the U.S.
  • Be able to provide 2 non-family local references regarding experience and character
  • Be in good physical condition as evidenced by a Physician’s Report
  • Have at least 6 months childcare experience
    or at least 200 hours caring for infants – to care for infants
  • Possess a driver’s license (or be ready to get one)
  • Willing to share your culture and learn about others

The goal of this phone call is to explain the matching process and explain the program regulations to make sure that the au pair program is the right fit for your family.

We believe it is important to emphasize the cultural exchange aspect of the program and ensure that you understand the regulations regarding au pair hours, the visa process, the educational component, etc. We want to ensure that your family’s expectations are align with the program regulations as well as the cultural exchange aspect of the program.

Agent Au Pair will assign a Placement Manager who will work with you closely and assist you throughout the matching process.

After your initial call, you will schedule a video call with your Placement Manager who will be there to assist you every step of the way. Your Placement Manager will go over all the details of the program and get to know your family. The goal of this call is to make sure we understand what your family is looking for, so we can recommend au pair’s based on your family’s needs. Your Placement Manager will recommend specific au pairs that they think might fit your family. You will still have the ability to look through our entire pool of au pair candidates.

Your Placement Manager can provides tips for matching and possible inquiries for the au pair to get a better picture of her personality. They are available to help you throughout the process.

Next, you will review au pairs in your matching pool and set up interviews with anyone you think might be a good fit for your family. Host families contact the au pair via email and set up a Skype/WhatsApp video call if they are interested in further contact. As you review candidates, you can always adjust your criteria along the way. Keep in mind however, that the more open the criteria, the larger the pool of au pairs.

*Please remember that all au pair candidates are considered “available” until the match has been confirmed by both the host family and the au pair.

Check out our tips for interviewing au pair candidates


Direct Placement Au Pairs

If you have a “Pre-Matched” au pair (also known as a “Direct Placement”), we can assist you as well. “Pre-Matched” au pairs are au pairs that the host family “sourced” on their own through friends or relatives abroad. In this case, the host family does not go through the matching process, however all other procedures are the same. The host family simply provides the au pair’s contact information in the home country, and we handle the rest. Please inquire to find out more about our “Pre-Match” process.

After you interview au pair candidates, you should decide if you would like to continue further interviews with the au pair or release the au pair from your list and continuing the process. Once you’ve got it narrowed down, we recommend having multiple interviews to get to know them a little more. This is where you can share more about your family and routine.

When you decide on an au pair for your family, you will ask them personally, if they accept you will match with them in our system. Once the au pair accepts the match in our system, we start the visa process

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