Local Support

Agent Au Pair has an experienced staff of Local Representatives (reps) located throughout the U.S.. Our reps and staff are here to support our host families and au pairs throughout the year.

From the day your au pair arrives until the completion of the program, your local rep provides support and acts as a resource for both the host family and the au pair.

The Agent Au Pair Local Rep will support your family and au pair by:

  • Assisting the au pair in choosing appropriate classes at a local college or university to fulfill the J-1 program educational requirement
  • Connecting your au pair to local social events and with other nearby au pairs in the area
  • Visiting you and shortly after your au pair arrives
  • Keeping in contact during the year at least monthly (more often as needed)
  • Organizing local social and cultural events for au pairs
  • Mediating issues that may arise in the home between host families and au pairs
  • Providing advice and support regarding program administration such as scheduling, time off, pay and duties.


Initial Contact-48 hour check-in

The U.S. Department of State, as part of au pair program regulations, requires Agent Au Pair's local representatives have the following contact with our families and au pairs

Two-week Orientation Visit

Once your au pair arrives your local rep is required to contact the au pair upon their arrival in the home.  The purpose of this initial contact is to support both the host family and the au pair, answer any questions that might come up, and be sure the au pair is beginning to settle-in during their first few days with the host family.

Monthly Check-in

The next required contact required is the two-week orientation visit. The local rep will schedule this meeting in advance as the first 2 weeks can often be a busy time for the host family and au pair. This gives the host family and au pair time to work together to see each other in action, and collect any questions to ask the rep during the visit.  This visit helps to ensure the host family and au pair are communicating well and starting to form a positive relationship.

Monthly check-ins are the third type of required contact. These contacts include phone calls with the host family and meetings or trips to local landmarks and events for the au pair. The meetings are a chance for your au pair to connect with your Rep and are a way for the au pairs to experience cultural events in your community.