Happy International Au Pair Day!

Happy International Au Pair Day! Every year on November 24th, we come together to celebrate au pairs and their contribution to cultural exchange around the world! This special day not only recognizes the hard work and dedication of au pairs but also sheds light on the importance of the au pair program.
By annually celebrating together, we hope to:
  • Raise the profile and visibility of au pairs, and legal au pair programs, around the world

  • Recognize and thank au pairs for what they do for host families and their children and for the part they play in fostering global understanding

  • Unite the au pair community

As we celebrate International Au Pair Day on November 24th, let’s take a moment to reflect on the positive impact of au pairs on cultural exchange. By raising awareness, expressing gratitude, fostering global understanding, and uniting the au pair community, we contribute to a world where diversity is celebrated, and connections are made across borders. Cheers to the au pairs who make a difference in the lives of host families and contribute to a more interconnected and harmonious global community!