Au Pairs come together to explore DC

This month Agent Au Pair hosted a regional event to bring au pairs and local coordinators from all across the DC, Maryland, and Virigina area together on an educational scavenger hunt of our nation’s capitol. Au Pairs had the opportunity to facilitate new connections, enjoy a beautiful day outside getting exercise and learning about American history, art and culture. 

After splitting up into 3 teams at the Capitol Building, each team was equipped with an electronic scavenger hunt including maps, landmark photos, and educational videos to watch and learn along the way! They smelled flowers at the largest botanical gardens in North America, discovered a prehistoric world of dinosaurs, and viewed some amazing artwork. Next up was learning about Betsy Ross and the historical evolution of the American flag; and about the United States’ first president while standing outside of the Washington Monument. They reflected on their experiences as au pairs at the Reflecting Pool and finished off their tour on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. They stood where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963, acknowledged that 60 years has passed since this historical event, and were encouraged to share their own dreams and aspirations.