One month into my Au Pair Program  🎉

“Today marks one month since I arrived in the U.S.A and left my little house in Buenos Aires. I can’t believe all the things I’ve done in such a short time. It’s crazy to think that a month has already passed and that I’m away from home. But as Hannah says: “Washington is your home now Ro” and yes, today it is my home. I am super grateful to be able to say it and to have achieved it!

I am filled with courage and made the decision to fulfill my dream of traveling and meeting many beautiful places, I hope life continues to give me many opportunities and I can always travel.

Thank you Agent Au Pair, this would not be possible without you who always supported me. And obviously thanks to my Host Parents for choosing me and opening the doors of their house for me. You guys are great and you have a beautiful family that I am blessed to be a part of, I love you so much!

Obviously above all things thank God for always being with me and never letting go of my hand, this is something I wanted and I am blessed every day to be able to live a new experience every morning.

This is just the beginning, I’m going for more.”

     –  Rocio