Rocío Shares Her First Year In America

A year ago was my first day on American soil. I never thought I would experience so many beautiful things. It wasn’t difficult, but I had days in which I cried and I said I can’t take it anymore.

Thank God I have a beautiful family, I prayed for them, and God answered. I never imagined that they would be the best. I don’t think my host parents can imagine how much I love them! My days would not be the same without Brookie Cookie and her bad jokes that only she understands and Chris making noise in the garage at dawn. I don’t regret choosing them for a year further.

I met beautiful people, I made new friends, I have a new sister and some nights that I love a lot. Thank you God for all this beautiful year, for making me part of your lives, for the trips, the laughter, and the never-missing beers (obviously I was going to give thanks for that).

And here we go for the second year ✨

– Rocío, AU Pair from Argentina