Summer Time Water Fun and Safety

Summer has hit us hard here in NJ and we take every opportunity to go to the beach or the community pool. Our community pool has a paddle pool about 1.5 feet deep and a full-sized pool.

When our au pair takes the kids himself, he is told the following rules –

  • Always put sunblock on 15 minutes prior to going to the pool
  • ONLY use the kiddie pool while with both kids on his own
  • Keep an eye out for other kids and toys
  • Put keep the phone on loud incase we need to reach you while at the pool with the kids.
  • Always follow pool safety rules as posted at the center.

When at the beach the following rules apply-

  • Carry beach toys and encourage sharing
  • Look for water safety signs
  • Do not wander away from the family set up area
  • Always keep bottle of fresh water on hand

So far, we have had great success and fun while indulging in water play, it also helps that our au pair really loves to swim himself! He has been proactive in teaching the boys water games and making it a fun experience for them too. Its also pretty great that he can take them to the pool himself when we are preoccupied with work.

Until next time!