Surviving Through the First Month

It’s been a month since Camila arrived and I can safely say “We have survived!” As a former au pair, her feeling comfortable in our home, with our schedule, and our lifestyle is very important to me. I had a great experience and I want her to have a great experience as well. Because of this, I might be asking her a million times to make sure she doesn’t need anything or not starving herself!

Between our busy schedules, we were able to get her social security number and arrange her school this month. She will be focusing on driving practices from now on. Since we have a 10 month old and I work from home, we really don’t need her to drive, however for her own comfort we prefer her to be able to drive.

Many au pairs due to their language level and being not familiar with the system here, having a hard time to navigate their first couple months when it comes to obtaining SSN, finding school, drivers license etc. Camila and I picked a day and gathered all the information for her to apply for her social security number. Before her arrival I was able to put together a list of schools so it saved us sometime and she quickly decided which program she would like to join. She will be starting her school in the first week of September! 

During our first month, we also celebrated Camila’s birthday by taking her for dinner at one of our favorite local places and she surprised us with Argentinian food for a dinner called “pastel de papa” made from potatoes, yum! Who doesn’t like potatoes?!

She already has a great bond with Rhea which has been a great relief for me and my husband. She even refers to herself as an older sister and teaches Rhea Spanish. Between the English, Turkish and Spanish, we placed a bet for Rhea’s first words! Can’t wait to see who will win!