Taking on the Big Sister Role

Nasrin continues to adjust well to our unpredictable and chaotically fun family setting. She has managed to get our youngest Alina to take regular naps again. We coined her the “toddler whisperer”. What is great is Nasrin refers to herself as a big kid and tends to structure her activities around fun and innovative things for Liliya and Alina to enjoy. Josh and I are very happy to see she has taken on this “big sister” role to the girls. She does the most amazing hairstyles on the girls. They are always camera ready! Did I say she has the patience of a saint? Well she does, she can reason with Liliya and Alina in the height of their largest temper tantrums, and has managed to work with Liliya on her spelling and writing her letters with great improvement.

We have enjoyed showing Nasrin new types of cuisines such as Japanese Habachi, El Salvadorean, Cuban, and Mexican foods so far. She even has shown us how to make chicken briyani, a regular dish she shares with her family. Along with the local food experiences, I was able to introduce Nasrin to my local cluster in an separate meeting outside of the agency. She was able to meet other au pairs from South Africa as well as other parts of the world whom she continues to remain in contact. For Valentine’s Day, we ordered Nasrin a heart shaped pizza which she found amusing. She has always been so grateful for anything we expose her to or give her. We have shown her downtown Alexandria, Annapolis, and Solomons Island. I think it is safe to say she loves waterfront views, but who doesn’t? My parents have started forming a bond with Nasrin as well. It’s great how everyone is coming together under the common bond of childcare. Liliya and Alina definitely like to see everyone together too. If Nasrin is on the video calls while they are visiting their father, they will ask for her. She is their Nasrin as they like to say. Next month (March) will be one of the greatest months for everyone. There will be three birthdays for Nasrin to experience and we are excited to share them with her as well.