2022 Host Family and Au Pair of the Year Contest Winners

2022 Au Pair of the Year


First Place Winner

“What would we do without Lily” is a phrase often uttered in our house. From the day Lily arrived she has been exceptional. Lily is kind, responsible, flexible, and fun. Above all she has a big heart. She cares so much about our family, especially our baby (and our dog Mara). When she leaves the house whether for a few hours or a weekend trip, she always makes sure to give our baby a hug and tell her “I love you and I’ll miss you”.

As a dual career household, Lily is the glue that keeps it altogether. Going back to work after having a baby was a hard decision, and I was worried about leaving our baby with someone else. After only about a week of knowing Lily, I knew that I would never worry about our baby’s wellbeing when she is with Lily.


Second Place Winner

Ana is amazing. She has shown incredible courage coming to the US to a family with three little ones, including twins – and it has not been easy!! But she has been up to the challenge! She has a lot of initiative and communicates with us when there are challenges. She is willing to try different things and work through concerns together as a unit. She supports our parental authority while also feeling comfortable asserting her own. She allowed each child to come to her and warm up to her when they were ready, and now they all regularly cuddle! She has worked through some hard situations (potty training our twins!!) and is confident in making decisions while also connecting with us about them. She shares her heart, artistry, kindness and we are grateful for her in our family!


Third Place Winner
Paola is not only an amazing au pair, she is an amazing individual. Her attentiveness to detail is one of her best qualities. We have twin infants and she notices differences in needs between the girls, tailoring her care for them accordingly. She watches how we care for the girls, how we do the dishes, how we do laundry, etc. and does the same. I don’t have to explain how I want something done, she just picks it up by watching us. Paola is also exceptional at taking initiative. If she sees something that needs to be done, whether its her responsibility or not, she does it. She often cleans up dinner dishes while we are doing bedtime because she wants my husband and I to have time to relax at the end of the day. She is truly part of our family and allows me to be the mom I always hoped to be. 

2022 Host Family of the Year

The Punsapy Family

First Place Winner

My host family is very supportive and kind and always make me feel at home. Simple things like cook asian food its wonderful to make me feel at home. A simple thing but most make me feel welcome and home.

The Punsapy family is wonderful before even I meet them. They welcoming me with open mind and warm heart. When I meet them I can feel they are very supportive and kind. They are simple, mindful and respectful. My host mom always cook for me and family a healthy food. She is wonderful around her busy schedule. She always put aside time to cook for us and I feel spoiled by her caring and ability to make time to do so. My host dad is very supportive and wonderful also. My host child is very adorable smart and pleasant to work with. He is only 13 months but he always cheers and make happy by every little things he do everyday I am so grateful for 5 months with Punsapy family I feel a great connection that I can be who I am and enjoying my au pair experience with them

The Petzold Family

Second Place Winner

My host family is the best host family because they are very loving and caring family, they have gave me a lot of support and love when I needed the most. My host kids are 3 beautiful kids that are energetic, loving and funny, they always will do something that make me laugh. My favorite part of the day will be always when I get to snuggle with them. My host family is the best because they include me in their activities all the time and they don’t make me feel bad if I don’t Join them, they respect my privacy and my wishes.

The Pennington Family

Third Place Winner

Not all the best words in the world would be enough to describe my host family. The connection we have is inexplicable, we live in a home full of love, understanding, companionship, friendship, respect, joy and education.

When I started the program I only asked God for a good family and without a doubt God listened to me and showed off by giving me this wonderful host family.