Host Family / Au Pair of the Year Contest!

We would like to thank everyone who entered the Au Pair and Host Family of the Year contest! We received so many great submissions and loved reading through all the stories about the impact the au pair program has had on your families!

Au Pair Winners

1st Place Au Pair Winner

“She brings honesty, authenticity, and caring for others. She speaks to our children in a way that they adore, never talking down to them but simply getting on their level and helping them understand the reasons behind decisions that have been made.” 

– Grobelyn Family

2nd Place Au Pair Winner

“Dana shares our values around mutual respect, sharing and caring. She brings creativity, curiosity and optimism to our family and gained our complete trust in a few months after starting. Dana is an excellent role model for our younger daughter.” 

– Ghosh Family

3rd Place Au Pair Winner

“Lupita is a natural extension of our family! She joins us on our family outings to the beach, shopping and walks. We love cooking and dining together while listening to music on the weekends. She has even become a fan of our favorite football team! She is always there by our side cheering on our team, dressed in her finest fan gear!”

– Defay Family

Host Family Winners

Hardin Family
1st Place Host Family Winner

“They do everything for their children but with the respective limitations. We have good communication, they treat me as part of the family and that is very worth it to me because not anyone opens the doors of their house, it leaves you to their children to take care of them and treat me as a family.” 

– Au Pair Alejandra

Quidley Family
2nd Place Host Family Winner

“They make me feel like part of the family every day, we eat together, we talk and laugh, my host kids are super polite, loving and respectful just like my host parents. Their two ex au pairs are still visiting the family because of the good relationship they created, even the au pairs from this area who know my host family say that it is the best host family in the country” 

– Au pair Guadalupe Evelin

Pesola Family
3rd Place Host Family Winner

 “My host family deserves this award, because more than an au pair they have made me feel like a true member of the family, our relationship is based on affection, trust and excellent communication, all this has strengthened over time and it has allowed us to have a harmonious relationship.”

– Au pair Vanessa