Positive Parenting Class

Want to learn how to discipline children without yelling, punishing, nagging, shaming or spanking? Take in this 75-minute video and gain a deeper understanding of your personal parenting triggers as well as how to manage them.

Free Positive Parenting Class- Generation Mindful

Get Kids to Listen the Right Way

An exclusive FREE class from nationally recognized parenting coach, Amy McCready. In this 60-minute online class, you’ll learn:

  • How to get kids to listen without nagging, yelling or losing control
  • How your personality sparks arguments and misbehavior
  • How to fill your child’s attention and power buckets positively
  • Amy’s proven 5-step process to implementing consequences

Get Kids to Listen the Right Way

Positive Parenting Solutions Blog

Get all of the best parenting tips from parenting coach and founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, Amy McCready.

Positive Parenting Solutions Blog

Parenting Videos with the CDC

Here you’ll find videos of the positive parenting skills. For each topic, there are two types of videos. 

  1. Feature Video of Real-life Parenting Challenges
  2. “How-To” Video of Expert Tips and Ideas

Parenting Videos with the CDC


Building Blocks – Creating Structure

Three key ingredients to building structure in the home: Consistency; Predictability; Follow-through. What are these and how can you use them in your family?

Building Blocks | Creating Structure | Essentials – CDC

Agent Au Pair Pinterest – Creating Structure

We recommend that hosts and au pairs collaborate to make customized routine charts and schedules for interactive use with the children. Check out these ideas to help you get started.

Agent Au Pair Pinterest Board- Structure & Schedules

Active Listening

Active listening is a good way to improve your communication with your child. It lets your child know you are interested in what she has to say. … give your full attention to your child. make eye contact and stop other things you are doing.

Active Listening | Communicating | Essentials – CDC

Steps for Giving Directions

Giving good directions takes practice. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Steps for Giving Directions – Parenting – CDC

Why are consequences important?

From time to time, your child is going to do things you don’t like. … The consequence, or what happens right after your child’s behaviors, makes the behavior more or less likely to happen again. Consequences can be both positive and negative.

Why are Consequences Important? – Parenting – CDC

Using Time Out

Attention can be both positive and negative. You can improve your child’s behavior by how you give attention.

Using Time-Out | Essentials | Parenting Information – CDC

American SPCC

American SPCC provides educational resources for parents and caregivers related to all aspects of positive child care.

American SPCC Learning Center

Free Early Childhood Courses

Experience free courses, resources, and community discussions designed to give you the skills and education you need in your work with children. Everything on the Cox Campus is free thanks to generous partners that share our vision of ensuring literacy for every child.

Free Early Childhood Courses


Cox Campus Community

Explore a range of topics around building language and literacy skills in young children.

Cox Campus Blog