Household Covid Precautions

Au Pairs, Hosts and Local Coordinators can be expected to follow the COVID guidelines of the federal, state and local governments during participation in the au pair program. This starts with learning How to Protect Yourself & Others

Agent Au Pair’s policy is that if household precautions are more restrictive than local guidelines, they must be:

  1. Reasonable and agreed upon by all family members, including the Au Pair
  2. Apply to all members of the household and not select members
  3. Outlined in writing in the Household Guide and reviewed during the Weekly Meeting between the Host and Au Pair. 

It is important to find a healthy balance between minimizing COVID household risks by Protecting Yourself and Others and Maintaining Mental Health

Au Pairs must be permitted to have in-person access to family, friends and the local  community as well as access to Activities and Gatherings as long as agreed-upon precautions are followed. 

Some Au Pairs may not thrive in households with heightened restrictions for extended periods of time. If your household includes Individuals at Increased Risk and you have implemented heightened restrictions, please do discuss this with your Au Pair early and often to assess whether or not she feels she is able to maintain her emotional and mental health while living in your home. Contact your Local Coordinator for support if needed. 

Experiencing language barriers? Check out this Communication Toolkit for Limited-English-Proficient Populations.