Program Information

About the Program

  • The Au Pair Program
  • Requirements to become an Au Pair
  • Program Options
  • Beware of Scammers

Au Pair School

  • Information about Au Pair School
  • Topics covered in School
  • Renzulli Learning

Childcare Resources

  • Child Behavior Printables
  • Free Training Resources
  • Family Friendly Apps

COVID-19 Resource

  • Au Pair Arrivals
  • Household Covid Precautions
  • The Household Guide & Covid-19
  • Covid-19 Vaccines
  • Mental Health & Covid-19
  • Homeschool & Remote Learning

Driving Information

  • Obtaining Your I-94
  • What happes if you get into a car accident

Education Information

  • Educational Requirement
  • Finding a school to complete your educational requirement
  • Tuition and Transportation

Government Documents

  • I-94
  • Obtaining A Social Security Number
  • Lost Passport

Medical Insurance

  • Medical Insurance during your program
  • Medical insurance during your travel month

Program Information Questions

  • Emergency Information
  • Household Guide
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Rematch Policy
  • Reapplying to the Au Pair Program

Resources By State

  • Things to Know Before Moving
  • Tourist Information
  • Transportation and Driving Information
  • Activities for Children
  • Educational Opportunities

Tax Information

  • SPRINTAX Support
  • General Tax Information
  • Childcare Expenses
  • Paying Taxes Throughout your Program Year
  • Social Security and Medicare

Travel Information

  • General Travel Advice
  • Traveling during your au pair year
  • International travel during your first and second year
  • Traveling at the end of your program

Volunteering Information

  • Information about Volunteering
  • Benefits of Volunteering
  • How to find volunteering opportunities