Hearing Impaired Au Pair

We are excited to announce that we matched our first hearing impaired au pair. Ayano is a 26 year old au pair from Saitama, Japan. She majored in general and special education at a Japanese University, Gumma University, in Maebashi. Ayano graduated M.A. Deaf education in May 2017. She can sign Japanese Sign Language (JSL) and American Sign Language (ASL). She is interested in deaf education, culture and community. Since she was in middle school, her dream has been to become a teacher.

She decided to become an au pair because she wanted the opportunity to communicate with children and be exposed to diverse Sign Language with deaf children. She loves being involved with people and interacting with children.

The following paragraphs are from Ayano, who wrote about her experience with Agent Au Pair:
At the Agent Au Pair training school, the staff members were very kind and provided me with an interpreter of American Sign Language (ALS).
I enjoyed learning about American culture, traditions, and child care techniques that differ from my culture.  I also learned about my roles and responsibilities as an au pair, and how to effectively communicate with children of all ages.

Au Pair training school was a wonderful time for me. I enjoyed meeting other international au pairs. Currently, I am enjoying being an au pair to two deaf children whom I communicate with using sign language. The enrich experiences will be helpful in my future.