Sharing your Culture

Having an au pair in your home can benefit your children by exposing them to new cultures, foods, and languages. Au pairs can share their culture with your children by introducing them to new foods, playing games to teach them words in different languages, and celebrating new holidays.

Carla, an au pair with Agent Au Pair, surprised her new host family with this blackboard to interact with her new host children! Carla’s host family previously hosted a Danish au pair, so she started to include her Mexican culture into the children’s life.

To encourage cultural exchange, your family can:

  • Talk to your au pair before she arrives: ask her about her interests, favorite foods, and what she likes to do in her spare time
  • Ask her to show you pictures were she lives and he favorite places in her town. Learn about her home town and what she loves about it
  • Sharing your language: playing games, sing songs, and teaching common phrases are a great way to share your language
  • Share your favorite recipes and make them together as a family