Renzulli Home Edition

How Renzulli Learning Benefits Your Au Pair Experience

Renzulli Learning helps parents better understand the needs, motivations, and strengths of their child so they can personalize instruction and accelerate learning. Renzulli Learning encourage your child to think outside the box and apply what they’ve learned to engaging activities that match their learning style, expression style, and interests.

Renzulli Learning provides parents with assessment tools and resources that foster the development of creative talents, as well as self-confidence for their children.

How Renzulli Learning will benefit your child:

  • Leverage Renzulli’s 3 E’s! Enjoyment, Engagement and Enthusiasm to develop a love for learning
  • Gain an understanding of their interests and learning styles
  • Develop creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Select from thousands of interest based learning activities based on their Renzulli Profile