Alejandra’s Au Pair Experience

“I know I just have a month, but we have lived many moments with family that would not exchange for anything. I am very grateful for the family that touched my heart, they are people of good heart and is reflected in their actions. Being Au pair is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, my life made a complete turn living here.

I thank the agency I trust to be part of them, Mrs Eloísa in Mexico with the international Au pair Mexico programme and the agency in US AGENT AU PAIR. Everyone always gives me support, and that’s a little bit appreciated“

 – Alejandra, Au pair in Kentucky

Our first selfie. It was on my first day of work, I never imagined that I could love them so much in such a short time

     Leo’s turns one. We celebrate together with the family, sing to him in the happy birthdays and eat cake, fortunate to be together 🥰

     Mexico’s Independence Day. My family is very excited about my culture and traditions. That’s why I took care of a traditional dinner, dressed and decorated with Mexican colors🇲🇽

     First way to the lake. When I turned my first week, the family took me to the lake on Saturday. I discovered how important it was for them to be together, having moments with the family and how grateful I was for being part of this beautiful family 🥰

    Our vacation in South Carolina, a week full of adventures and moments that I’ll always keep💓


     Taking care of your dreams. We were all tired of playing so much🤪