Monthly Meeting: A Party To Celebrate Culture

Agent Au Pair takes the time to find Local Representatives who believe in the Au Pair Program. Our Local Representatives live in the community and are there to give support to au pairs while they adjust to life in the United States, help them complete program requirements, and help with the cultural exchange aspect of the program. All of our Local Representatives believe in the Cultural Exchange aspect of the program, and many have even participated in a cultural exchange program themselves.

Meet Jamie our DMV Local Representative

Jamie is our Local Representative in the DMV area. She recently hosted an International Party for the au pairs and host families in her cluster! She hosted this party for her au pairs and host families because she wanted to bring everyone together so they can meet and learn about each other.

“I think this program is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and beliefs and there is no better way than to have a party with everyone. It is also a great opportunity for networking and building relationships aside from the program’s requirements. A party makes things more personable and less “business as usual”, said Jamie.

Cultural Exchange Program

Jamie believes in the cultural exchange aspect goal of this program, she even was an au pair abroad twice herself! Her experiences as an au pair is what lead her to becoming a Local Representative.

She said, “I became a local rep because I like helping others, especially those who are not native to the United States. I have been an au pair twice in the past and both experiences were drastically different. However, if I had a local rep in the countries I was in, I am sure my experiences would have been the same and I would have been able to enjoy all that Europe had to offer. Now as a local rep, I want to make sure that my au pairs and their host families are afforded the ability to get as much as they can from being in this program. This is rewarding experience for everyone because everyone learns and grows while being in this program. That is why I wanted to be a local rep.”