Sol’s Au Pair Experience

Hello everyone this is Sol!! And I come to tell you a little bit about my one year as an Au Pair in the great Montana.

So … how the name Au Pair means in French “Being a Part” the program is about being part of an American family and being in charge of the little ones in the house! However, I never thought that it would be something so real, that I was seriously going to have an American family and feel really part, since I arrived and started this experience I felt like one member of my family, I take care of 2 princesses, one of 3 years old and another 6 years old and both ask me to stay with them forever!  My host parents are really nice to me, we have a great communication and we all work as a team! With my host mom we usually cook together and have some wine, sometimes we sit at the fire and enjoy the beautiful summer nights! She is the best! Besides the whole family treats me like family too, the grandparents, the uncles! They keep me in mind for everything and I call them Grammie, Grandpa 😻

Well, a year has passed so fast and I will stay another year with the same family because I love them! One more year that I can enjoy the beautiful snow, go skiing, hiking, enjoy the wonders of Montana, be with my best friends and spend the holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and as it is Summer time now, enjoy the lakes and go camping.