Scavenger Hunt at UCLA

When I was an Au Pair, I took a week end class in Chicago and we did a photo scavenger hunt and I had so much fun! I though it would be fun to do one as a monthly meeting too. I chose to do it in UCLA, like this the Au Pairs could visit the campus at the same time. They all had a little booklet with the rules, instructions, map, and the flag of their home country. I was so excited about this meeting! I’m glad they also had fun. We made two teams: girls against boys! They had an hour to complete as much as possible. During the scavenger hunt, I went to UCLA store to get the winners a prize! The girls won (it was Women International Day so it was awesome they won, sorry guys!) .
They received a UCLA mug and the boys got a pen as a participation prize. Jenny brought some food and I brought Madeleine’s to celebrate Daniel’s birthday!
"Scavenger hunt was a great experience for me and my teammate Rebeca. We really enjoyed it. In this activity, we had to go to specific places and take a picture or video there that our Local Rep chose. I think that I gave my best to do as much as possible. We accomplished most of the tasks and been successful doing it!"
Au Pair