Exclusive Spanish Language Enhancement Available Now!

Through our exclusive relationship with Renzulli Learning, we are delighted to announce that we have made further enhancements to the award-winning educational program that will benefit our au pairs, host families, and international partners.

Renzulli Learning’s Spanish Language partner, The Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR), has translated the entire Renzulli Learning platform to Spanish. UNIR has also added thousands of Spanish language activities to the system, which students worldwide can enjoy.

The Renzulli Learning system has been incorporated into Agent Au Pair’s training program and our au pairs are taught how to leverage host children strengths and interests to increase engagement in learning. As many of our candidates are from Spanish speaking countries, having the Renzulli Learning platform and related training courses in Spanish, will help our au pairs to better comprehend the Renzulli pedagogy and its benefits. We are also delighted to offer experiential program opportunities to UNIR students, as they may wish to become au pairs in the United States.

Renzulli Learning and Agent Au Pair would like to thank the UNIR team, led by Javier Tourón, the Vicerrector de Innovación y Desarrollo Educativo and his amazing team for their contribution to Renzulli Learning, as it will benefit students and teachers worldwide.


Mayerli’s Experience Volunteering

My name is Mayerli and I am an au pair in my second year in New Jersey. I would like to tell you about my experience as a volunteer at the vaccine site. Two weeks ago I volunteered to help and get my vaccination that same day as well. It was an incredible experience. I decided to volunteer the whole day, in the morning my task was to help disabled people to guide them through the short path and take them to the registration area, then helping them to get the vaccine.

It was great to talk to them all the way and see their eyes of gratitude and happiness with me. It was very exciting. In the afternoon, my task was to assign the number of tables to the people who were making the line. It was exciting to talk to them a bit too! I invite au pairs to volunteer because it is an experience that is worth living in another country and we can also talk to other people and it helps to improve our language.


Featured Au Pairs

~ Karolina ~

Karolina is a 26 year old from Ecuador. She speaks Spanish and English. She has experience caring for children between the ages of newborn through 15 years old. She has experience working as a midwife, babysitter, and teacher. In her spare time, Karolina enjoys singing, reading, and working out.

~ Leila ~

Leila is a 24 year old from Russia. She speaks Russian, English, French, and Turkish. She has experience caring for children between the ages of 1 through 15 years old. She has experience working as a nanny and babysitting for 3 families. In her spare time, Leila enjoys reading.

~ Gledys ~

Gledys is a 26 year old from Peru. She speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese. She has experience caring for children between the ages of newborn through 10 years old. She has experience working as a babysitter and nanny. In her spare time, Gledys enjoys being creative, biking, and swimming.

These are just three of our featured au pairs! We showcase more of our featured au pairs on our website. We have hundreds of great applicants available for placement.


National Interest Exceptions for Certain Exchange Visitors

On April 8, 2021, the Secretary of State determined that travel by certain exchange visitors is in the national interest for purposes of granting exceptions under the geographic COVID Presidential Proclamations. Based on the Secretary’s determination, national interest exceptions under these proclamations may be approved for the following categories of travel:

•Travel by an au pair to provide care for a minor U.S. citizen, LPR, or nonimmigrant in lawful status when the au pair possesses special skills required for a child with particular needs (e.g., medical, special education, or sign language).

•Travel by an au pair that prevents a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, or other nonimmigrant in lawful status from becoming a public health charge or ward of the state or of a medical or other public funded institution.

•Travel by an au pair to provide childcare services for a child whose parents are involved with the provision of medical care to individuals who have contracted COVID-19 or medical research at United States facilities to help the United States combat COVID-19.

Featured Local Rep

Rebecca from Mandan, North Dakota

I started with Agent Au Pair in November of 2019, and was excited for the opportunity to work with au pairs and the host families in the community. I love helping both parties communicate and grow together from their experiences. I look forward to our monthly meetings where we can come together as a group and share stories and memories that they are making. It is also great for me to be able to converse in Spanish and English, making the girls feel more at home.


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