Au Pairs on Ice

For their Monthly Meeting, the San Jose cluster planned out their last meeting of 2019 together because they wanted it to be one-of-a-kind with plenty of Christmas themed activities and good food!


"Our December [meeting] took place in Downtown San Jose, [and was] all about a perfect Christmas-mood! We were Ice Skating or better to say at least we tried our best but had a lot fun! We had a great dinner and enjoyed awesome pieces of cake and played white elephant to exchange some Christmas presents. It was a great success and a lot fun and harmony!" - Mara

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  Featured Au Pairs

Lizbeth is a 25 year old from Colombia who speaks Spanish and English. She has experience caring for children between the ages of newborn through 14 years old. In her spare time, Lizbeth enjoys basketball, volleyball, and reading. Lizbeth is looking to extend with a new host family. Her current contract ends on 2/19/20.

Studying to become a teacher!
Soledad is a 26 year old from Argentina who speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese. She has experience caring for children between the ages of newborn through 10 years old. In her spare time, Soledad enjoys reading, biking, and movies. Soledad is looking to extend with a new host family. Her current contract ends on 4/23/20.

Daily Driver!
Tassia is a 26 year old from Brazil who speaks Portuguese, English, Italian, and Spanish. She has experience caring for children between the ages of 3 through 15 years old. In her spare time, Tassia enjoys volleyball, baking, and singing. Tassia is looking to extend with a new host family. Her current contract ends on 4/9/20.
These are just three of our featured au pairs! We showcase more of our featured au pairs on our website.
We have hundreds of great applicants available for placement.
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 Recent Au Pair Ruling in Massachusetts

In December 2019 Massachusetts enacted a law that significantly decreased the participation of the au pair program in their state. While these changes are certainly challenging and place additional responsibilities on host families, both financially and administratively, we still believe strongly in the value of the au pair program as a flexible and culturally enriching option for childcare in Massachusetts.

As an organization dedicated to sponsoring a federal cultural and educational exchange program, we share your frustration with the complexity of the situation and the need for clarity. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on providing you with as many tools and resources as possible to help you navigate these changes.

Please click the link and send a letter to your local Congressional members to show your support of the federal au pair program:

 Local Rep of the Month
Meet Carly from Indianapolis, IN!
"I heard about the Local Rep position from a local host family here in Indy. I was interested in the role because I always loved working with young adults and international students in my previous jobs. Plus, as a mom I understand how hard it can be to find good childcare. So I figured as a local rep I could blend all of those interests and experiences. I've been a local rep since January, and I really love it! My favorite part is monthly meetings with my cluster of au pairs."'

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Are you interested in becoming a Local Rep? Click here to see if we are hiring in your area






 Support Your Children's Social and Emotional Development
Renzullli Learning's partnership with Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) enables our Agent Au Pair families to enroll in educational opportunities to support the social and emotional development of their children.

Join Dr. Michael Postma and his wife Julie for this 7 week course titled The Fit: Neurodiversity and Its Impact on the Social, Emotional, and Academic Development of the Gifted Individual. Sessions will cover topics such as understanding giftedness, atypical neurodevelopment, developing metacognition (understanding of self), personal issues such as perfectionism, anxiety, etc., identification issues, tackling schools, and much more.
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